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Advantages of working in the financial markets and the global stock exchange

A unique opportunity for those who want to change their lives and join the world of excitement by working in one of the largest Financial Services company

Free Training

Through our training team we will provide full and comprehensive training that will help you develop your skills and give you a moral boost towards your Goals

Attractive salaries

In addition to our competitive salary, we have a high reward Bonus system that enables you to double your monthly income .

Modern work tools

Through our business policy, we provide the latest technical equipment and create a suitable & Modern working environment

frequent assistance

The company and its representatives from the administrative and executive are committed to provide full and unconditional support to work on developing your personal and technical skills .

Ensure work

One of the most important features of working with a good reputation Global Financial Services company both internally and externally is to ensure the continuity of the company and ensure long-term work

Career Promotions

One of the few jobs that allows its employees to gradually sequentialize the company's career and reach management and opportunities are given equally and transparently to all employees


"One of The most important decision that I have taken when i applied here"

Through my previous job as a clerk in a law firm and getting an average salary insufficient to cover the daily needs to cover the basic costs of the house. I consider this a radical leap in the course of my life from the moment I applied for work and frankly for the first time in my life I felt completely free to And I did not dream that I would achieve half of what I was doing through good salaries and bonuses, especially the commission I get continuously, not to mention the feeling of excitement and passion through my dealings with the clients of the company and economic fluctuations, which gives me the daily motivation to attend To work and Maqo I have now exceeded my expectations, not only on the financial level, but I found myself in a professional position and my confidence is growing every day. "

Maria, Kiev

"I never expected that my future might change for the better in this dramatic and quick way"

"Through my career I have done a lot of different jobs and professions but work in this area is the best thing and a decision I made. After submitting my work request and interview at the company center I was sent to a training program and theoretical seminars, Tools and modern techniques and of course under the supervision of a team of amazing and wonderful consists of analysts and experts who helped me to increase confidence and that the impossible is just a fleeting word and that everything is possible as long as you believe that you are able to achieve and that your success on the personal level Is the success of the team and the success of the company and I personally through the march of my life has not and will not I find any other job or job that can give me the confidence and satisfaction I feel now ... Thank you for giving me this opportunity. "

Ivan, Odessa

"The job that made my dreams come true"

"Work hard, perseverance and the exercises that I have undergone have not been wasted ... Finally I have been able to reap my efforts through the excellent monthly income and respectable social status I have acquired and this is a feature of this job and a goal I set for myself from the first day of joining to this day. This was the only job that allowed me to think about the future, dream of a home, a car, and a decent monthly salary that would save me from looking for another job or income. This gave me a real chance to achieve my dream. For the first time in my life I can say that the dream has become reality thanks to the support Which I received from my immediate and experienced directors Rebin and the team that I am proud to be a part of it "

Maxim, Kiev